The Bible seems to support the notion that it is better to remain single than to get married. For example, Paul seemed to prefer that we remain single. Also, Jesus' comment when asked about marriage and the resurrection seems to suggest people who will be living eternally were never married in the first place (Luke 20:34-39). What is your view on this? Should I get married or not?

1 Corinthians 7 does indeed emphasize that in certain situations there are advantages of remaining single. I think we do our singles a great disservice by pushing them to marry, or (worse) teasing them about their lack of a spouse. Marriage is, I believe, for most people, but emphatically not for everyone. Jesus and Paul are only two great people of faith who come to mind in this context. I remind you, though, that Paul in 1 Corinthians 7 urged singleness in light of the "current distress" and because of the distractions of family life. He states quite clearly (7:7) that some of us do have the gift of celibacy. Just as surely as this should never be forced on anyone (1 Timothy 4:1ff), so marriage should never be pushed on anyone who might have the legitimate gift of remaining single.

Luke 20 says nothing about the status of marriage. At the resurrection, God, who is timeless (20:38) will have no problem sorting out the complexities of those who have remarried. Marriage is a valid and honorable condition, and about this the NT is insistent (Matthew 5, Hebrews 13, etc).

Should you get married, or not?, you ask. That's your decision, brother!

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