To me natural family planning is a form of contraception. I have looked in several Catholic theology defense books including the recent catechism but could not locate any biblical defense for "natural family planning" instead of contraception. Please provide any background for the development of this doctrine.

The influence of Gnosticism on the second century church drove it ultimately to over-react to sexuality. In other words sex was to be "procreational " not "recreational." The Bible itself is absolutely silent on this matter. There is no condemnation of non-procreational sex.

Though the evolution of the Roman Catholic position is well documented (I would encourage you to study the patristic writers--therein lies the answer to your question) we do not accept the authority of the church as an institution -- changing and fallible -- but rather only the authority of God s Word. Since the Bible gives us many important principles -- discipline, planning, foresight, compassion, wisdom -- all such principles must be considered as we make decisions as to our family planning strategy.

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