Can the medium or spiritist bring back the spirit of the dead? Or is it that a demon was impersonating Samuel? -- Peter Orire (Nigeria)

In 1 Samuel 28, apparently mediums have successfully contacted the dead. Yet 1 Samuel 28 says nothing about a demon. If necromancy (consulting the dead) is only a trick, it is hard to explain the warnings against it such as we find in Deuteronomy.

So as for the witch of Endor, it appears (to me, at least) that she truly was calling up Samuel from the dead. Can people do this today? Can spiritists in Africa break through to the other side? Though I am extremely skeptical, I must say that I honestly do not know.

In my understanding, the dead are conscious, though they "prefer not to be disturbed." For more thoughts on this, see my book The Spirit (e.g. chapter 28), available in the Book and Audio section of this website.

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