I had a discussion with a friend recently and he referred me to a book he had read. It actually points to some interesting and disturbing ideas regarding the history of man. The book is Gods of the New Millennium authored by Alan E. Alford. He has a website at www.eridu.co.uk. I hope you can share with me your opinions if you have read the book before. If not maybe you can share with me your opinions on the ideas that are put forth. You can find them on the website. -- Ching Fook

Thanks for the recommendation; it was educational to say the least! I have visited the website and I believe the man is in theological and scientific "outer space." First he taught that ancient astronauts visited our planet -- the visit becoming the basis of mankind's religions. Then he (apparently) changes his mind and says that an exploding planet (or comet) probably led to the original religions on the planet. This stuff is really "out there"!

Two things make me suspicious. He freely admits he was inspired by Erich von Däniken -- a man who admitted he took liberties with the evidence in order to make money. (Readers may remember he advanced the theory that ancient astronauts visited the earth.) To admit that you have been inspired by a person whose integrity may be questioned will seem a huge admission to the less unscrupulous reader. Further at his websites he proclaims himself as a person rapidly gaining acceptance worldwide as a leading authority on ancient religion and mythology. The claim is both pompous and inaccurate.

While Alford may appeal to some readers, I would expect his greatest chances of success would come in the tabloid press. (Their readers seem to have a special appetite for stories of ET abductions and all the latest speculation.) "Interesting"? Yes for about ten minutes. But "disturbing"? Hardly.

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