Does Hebrews 8:10-11 mean that we will no longer have to teach people the Bible because they'll already know the Lord? -- Joanne Gross (Cincinnati)

Not at all! Hebrews 8 is describing the difference between the old covenant, where people normally entered the covenant apart from their will (as babies), and the new covenant, where only as responsible, believing, repentant individuals do we begin our relationship with God. The problem of the Old Testament was that people struggled greatly with their commitment when it was their parents who had made their decision for them. Jesus showed us a different way; no longer would we be 'born into' the church. Your parents cannot decide for you (John 1:13).

I realize that in one sense we all benefit from Bible teaching and deeply need it -- we don't "know enough" just because we are baptized -- but this isn't the subject of Hebrews 8.

To summarize, in Judaism you had to be taught to know the Lord because you knew nothing about him when you became a Jew. In Christianity, on the other hand, you have been instructed beforehand and you know what you are getting into.

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