You said on page 212 of The Spirit that Ananias laid his hands on Paul so that he would receive his sight, but Acts 9:17 also says "and be filled with the Holy Spirit." How is that explained?

Paul was not filled with the Spirit until he received the Spirit in baptism. Remember, people can be healed with or without being Christians. Contrary to the claims of the neo-pentecostals, the state of one's heart is not necessarily a condition for his or her being healed. As you study this further, you may want to read over chapters 16-18 again (don't forget the footnotes, where most of the more advanced information has been placed). Anyway, Paul received the Spirit when he was baptized, as Acts 9 shows (see also Acts 22 and 26) -- not to mention Paul's own writing on the subject, like Galatians 3:26-27, 4:6.