Paraguay, the South American nation which gained independence from Spain in 1811, suffered terribly through wars with surrounding nations in 1864-70 and 1932-35. As a result, men are greatly outnumbered by women, and many children's parents are unmarried.

Paraguay is surrounded by Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil and it is a landlocked country. Population is over 6 million. The capital is Asuncion (1 million).

About 95% of the nation are of mixed Spanish-Guaraní descent and speak the Spanish or Guaraní language. 8% speak Guaraní only, which is also understood by 90% of the nation. There are 21 languages in all spoken in this land.

98% of the nation claims Christianity, of whom 85% are Roman Catholic. Prayer needs include: stable government, fidelity to the Scriptures, rejection of Mariolatry, pagan notions and rituals, and the occult.

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