Lebanon is a small (10,230 sq km, or nearly 4000 sq mi) but proud and ancient land, bordering Syria, Israel, and the Mediterranean Sea. In ancient times, this was the site of Phoenicia. From 1919 to 1945, it was controlled by the French. Population is over 4 million, with over 2 million in Beirut, the capital city. The official language is Arabic, although French and English are also common.

Lebanon used to be the commercial hub of the Middle East until its devastating civil war (1975-1990). Recovery is well underway. The religious spectrum of the nation is quite broad: Shi'ite Islam (36%), Sunni Islam (23%), Christianity (32%), and the Druze religion (7%) are the dominant faiths. Lebanon is the only Arab state that is not officially Muslim, and so it enjoys significant freedom of religion. Most Christians in Lebanon are Roman Catholic.

Would you pray for Lebanon today?

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