Portugal, which consists of part of the Iberian Peninsula (bordering Spain) and the islands of the Azores and Maderia, has a population of 10 million. Lisbon (2.8m) is the capital city, while Porto (1.7m) is the second city of the nation. Per capita income is about $11,000 a year. Although naturally Portuguese is the principal language spoken here, by far the greatest number of Portuguese speakers resides in Brazil.

Here is a brief timeline of the nation:

  • 1143 - independent kingdom
  • 1910 - republic
  • 1974 - revolution ends dictatorship and inaugurates socialist democracy 
  • 1975 - African colonies given independence (Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, and São Tomé & Princípe) 

Nearly 95% of this secular nation has some loose affiliation with Christianity, primarily the Catholic Church. The next largest groups are the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, the Jehovah's Witnesses, and the Assemblies of God. All the same, it is estimated that 90% of the nation consults spiritist mediums and witches! Please pray for Portugal today, a nation small yet illustrious, colorful, and far-reaching in its impact through the centuries.

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