The Kingdom of Norway is smaller than its neighbor Sweden, and with half the population (4.5 million). A stunningly beautiful land, Norway also enjoys a relatively high per capita GDP of $26,000 (Economist). It received its independence from Sweden in 1905, and is the only Scandinavian nation not in the EU. The country's terrain is mostly mountainous (about two-thirds) and it has a long, rugged coastline deeply indented by fjords. Although a third of Norway lies north of the Artic Circle, its coastline is remarkably mild for most of the year, due to the warm Atlantic currents. 

About 5-10% of Norwegians are church attenders. As with all northern European nations, secularism and individualism are threats to spirituality. Pray also that the gospel will spread rapidly from Oslo, the capital city.

My 4th visit to Norway took place in September 2011. A number of atheists and other seekers came to hear my presentations, and I was very encouraged. Please keep Oslo, Bergen, and the other cities of Norway in your prayers.

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