The Republic of Niger is largely desert -- the Sahara! There is, however, savannah along the southern (Nigerian) border and in the southwest of the country. Geography, locust attacks, the collapse of the uranium industry, banditry, and the ubiquitous African governmental corruption conspire to keep some 90% of the population living at subsistence level.

Population is 11 million, with about a million in the capital city of Niamey. The nation includes 36 different peoples, speaking 21 languages, especially French and Hausa. Annual income is about $200 a person. Drought and famine are ruining the nation, while the crisis elicits only minimal concern in the outside word.

The nation is 98% Muslim. The Bible has been fully translated into only 3 of the 21 languages, and those who claim to follow Christ number only 40,000. Please say a prayer for Niger today. For further information, see, or -- or do your own web search.


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