4 million Bosnians live in this nation, tucked between Serbia-Montenegro and Croatia. Because of its historical association with the Ottoman Empire, 60% of Bosnia is Muslim, while only 35% claim to be Christian -- more or less equally divided between Catholics and Orthodox.

The capital, made famous when the winter games were played there in the not-too-distant past, is Sarajevo (500,000). Two huge prayer needs stand out: (1) Unemployment is over 60%. (2) Recovery from war. The war of the 1990s, with its ethnic cleansing, led to 250,000 deaths, many more persons being dislocated, and 25% of all buildings destroyed (and 50% more damaged).

Pray for this nation, and for your brothers and sisters in Christ who live and share their faith in Bosnia. (I hope to visit Bosnia in 2010 or 2011, in connection with my next visit to Zagreb, Croatia.)

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