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INN #12, 19th September 2008

Here are some facts about our country.
Population: 1.028 Billion


Islam 12%
Christianity 2.5%
Sikhism 2%
Buddhism 0.7%
Jainism 0.5%
Zoroastrian 0.01%
Judaism 0.0005%

Though Christianity came into India 2000 years ago, (as traditionally believed, through the Apostles Thomas [to Kerala first] and Bartholomew [to western Maharashtra] ), Christians form a very small percentage of the population as you can see. However, overt persecution for this small group of people has always been a threat for the Christians to share the faith. In 1999 Graham Staines (Australian Missionary, Graham Staines Story) and his two small sons were burnt to death by an angry Hindu mob in Orissa.

Last year in November, five of our brothers in Bangalore were beaten up and put behind bars for preaching the  word. [ Disciples Beaten, Arrested, and in Jail in Bangalore, India, Inside Bangalore Prison  ] These kind of gross crimes and attrocities are always been done on other church groups as well. They are accusing the church that we are doing "forcible conversions". Even last week, many churches were attacked and many people beaten. So, one of our churches in Mangalore had to meet in house church because they feared their meeting would be targetted. They are going to meet in house churches till situation get calm.

Just in last one month alone, according to the All India Catholic Union, in Orissa : 
45 people have died
18,000 wounded
56 Church buildings destroyed
11 Christian schools destroyed
300 villages attacked and
40,000 Christians homeless, forced into the jungles in acts of violence and vandalism.

Last week, in an incident in Tamil Nadu an angry mob viciously beat up the pastor and the congregation (including women and children) when their service was drawing to a close. The reason was because of two women had been found dead in a pond near the church and a woman whom they considered a "deity" said her spirit goddess had killed the women because of the Church and its meetings. Apparently she had threatened more destruction if the Christians were not sent packing. The villagers have given the pastor two months to clear out with his congregation if they did not want more "things" to happen to them.

Please continue your support and prayers for the churches in India!