8 Video Lessons on FAMILY LIFE (DVDs). 8 hours of informative and bible-based teaching on building a great family.  

According to 1 Timothy 3, how we build our own family is how we tend to build the church family.  This course covers everything the Bible teaches about parenting, marriage, and family.  How to keep our priorities straight despite the heavy pressures of life and ministry. A vital subject—and one we ignore at our peril.  Suitable for all couples. Lessons are taught by Sam & Geri Laing,  Douglas & Vicki Jacoby and Joey Harris.

Disk 1
1. The Vitality of Family (Sam & Geri Laing, Douglas & Vicki Jacoby, Joey Harris)
2. To Marry or Not to Marry (or Remarry)?
What Bible and Church History say about Celibacy (Joey Harris)

Disk 2
3. Christian Dating and Marriage
(Sam and Geri Laing)
4. What Husbands Need to Know About Their Wives
What Wives Need to Know About Their Husbands
(Sam & Geri Laing)

Disk 3
5. Overcoming the Obstacles (Douglas & Vicki Jacoby)
6. Adoption (Douglas & Vicki Jacoby)

Disk 4
7. Family Rhythms, Traditions, Transitions (Douglas & Vicki Jacoby)
8. Keeping the World out of the Family (Douglas & Vicki Jacoby)

Disk 5
7 Classroom handouts

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