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2019 ISRAEL WINTER TOUR (4-11 February)


Spaces: 40. Registered to date: 33.

THE GROUP, 8 Feb 2019:

Benefits of joining the tour:

  • Your faith will be strengthened. You'll no longer have to imagine what the biblical world looks like. Now you can remember!
  • The fellowship is invigorating. Make new friends from around the globe. Since the Biblical Study Tours began, nearly 1000 persons have taken part!
  • Watch the Bible come to life revealing new dimensions -- as you better your grasp of history, geography, biblical characters, and the flow of the biblical story.
  • With a more solid understanding of scripture, your confidence in talking to others will grow.
  • Your heart will fill with memories to last the rest of your life.

You've thought about these locations for years; now's your chance to experience them -- or experience them anew, if this will be a return visit. Price: $1800.

Includes most or all of the following: Mount of Olives, communion service and private prayer in Garden of Gethsemane, Western Wall Tunnel, Temple Mount, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, City of David, Beth Shean/Scythopolis, Armageddon, Dan, Caesarea Maritima, Caesarea Philippi, Qumran/Dead Sea Caves, synagogue and 1st-century home of Capernaum, Sea of Galilee devotional cruise, shopping, swimming in the Dead Sea, fortress of Masada, Sound & Light show in Tower of David, Nazareth Village, and much more!

Tour dates are 4-11 February 2019. We begin with dinner in Tel Aviv on the evening of 4 February, and the closing dinner is in Jerusalem on the the 10th -- you'll stay that night and fly out sometime on the 11th.

Who may come?
The tour is open to everybody, believers and seekers alike. Children age 12 and above are also welcome, provided they are mature enough to appreciate the sights.

There is a fair amount of walking around the various sites, including hilly terrain, so a reasonable level of personal fitness is desirable, and good walking shoes are a must.

TO REGISTER -- and for further Information (click this link)

  • Securing a space (paying the deposit), and personal information required
  • Payment details, early payment discount, and cancellation policy
  • Orientation (opening dinner)
  • Hotels, electrical info, security
  • Flights, overcoming jet lag, changing money (buying shekels)
  • Emergency contact info, extra medical insurance, and more...


Responses to a recent tour:  Click here.

The 2016 BST (144 members). Shot taken on Mount of Olives, with Temple
Mount in background. Further down, the 2015 BST Reformation Tour.
Below: 2017 group (85 members). The 2018 group was just under 120.


Previous BST and ITS locations (number of visits):
Athens (3), Berlin (2), Chicago, Colossae, Corinth (3), Delphi, Egypt, Ephesus (2), Geneva, Herculaneum, Hierapolis (2), Israel (11), Jordan (2), Laodicea (2), London (4), Oxford, Paris, Patmos (2), Pergamum, Pompeii (3), Rome (3), Sardis, Washington DC, Wittenberg (2), Zürich (1).


Total registered for Feb 2019 tour: 33. Group composition: South Africa, China, Germany, Latvia, Zambia, Singapore, US.

Below: The Jacobys on Mount of Olives;
2015 Reformation Tour, Wittenberg, Germany