I have had an interest in the topic of "Intelligent Design" (ID) for many years. In the last year, there has been a lot of attention given to the topic in the media as a result of controversies regarding school science curriculums in Kansas, Dover, PA, and various other parts of the country.

In my opinion, the position promoted by the ID Movement has often been misrepresented. On 4/26/06, a "town hall discussion" was held in Seattle, featuring speakers representing opposite sides of the ID controversy. The participants were Dr. Peter G. Ward, noted University of Washington astrobiologist and co-author of Rare Earth, and Dr. Stephen C. Meyer, philosopher of science, Director of the Center for Science & Culture and author of Darwinism, Design & Public Education. The discussion was sponsored by the Seattle Times and moderated by the Times' political writer, David Postman.

I believe the discussion allowed for a more accurate representation of the ID position than what is is often conveyed in the media today. You can view the discussion on-line from the following link: Link Alternatively, you can download the audio from the discussion in either one file (for use in an MP3 player) or two files (in case you would like to burn the program to two CDs). Link