I Was Surprised at How Many Un-Churched People Committed to Read the New Testament in 8 Weeks!

As a lead pastor, I have led my team to try many different things to connect with un-churched people. I am pleased to tell you about something we tried as an unusual follow up to a large Sunday outreach initiative. During the service we asked all our guests to join a “Bible Book Club” where they would read the whole New Testament in 8 weeks. It defied common wisdom to start an outreach initiative there. It would be too much, too fast! Plus, it was a big ask!

But people's response surprised us: about 30 percent of all our Sunday guests signed up!
Then, for the next 8 weeks, these guests and others committed to give 30 minutes a day to read or listen to the entire New Testament and join a weekly group to talk about what they were learning.
This experience is called "Immerse" and it's an 8-week immersion into the New Testament.
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We invite you to join a free webinar this coming Thursday, May 24th at 3PM CST to learn about this great disciple-making program. My guests are Paul Caminiti and Glenn Paauwi from the Institute for Bible Reading and the creators of
Immerse: The Bible Reading Experience.


We are going to discuss a disciple-making outreach that you can use based upon the value of “reading big” in community. Other Pastors also report this simplified approach as being one of the most transformational disciple-making tools their church has ever used.

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Bobby Harrington
Executive Director, Discipleship.org
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