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Join us for a free webinar with James Forlines of Final Command Ministries on Thursday, October 17rd at 4:30 pm CST.

“The 5 Principles of Disciple Making Movements”

Disciple Making Movements (DMM) are sweeping across many parts of the world. What is a disciple making movement? Here is one brief definition we developed at discipleship.org:

A Disciple Making Movement exists when churches plant multiple churches (within a few short years), through gospel activity, that has abundant fruit among the lost, that multiplies these disciples (people growing in obedience to all of Jesus’ commands), who in turn replicate themselves in others, so that we can see at least four generations regularly produced in multiple streams of disciple making activity and these streams multiply consistently into churches.

The up-coming webinar will discuss how these churches are developed using a simple, easy-to-understand paradigm.

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James Forlines and his team have extensive experience with disciple making movements and leaders.

What are the key elements that make a “disciple making movement”?

That’s what this webinar with James Forlines of Final Command will address.

The webinar will help you:

  • Learn the five key elements at work in a disciple making movement.
  • How churches can pray and fast as part of movement inertia.
  • What a “Discovery Study” is and why is it so effective.

In this webinar James will share these and other top insights about disciple making movements.

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For King Jesus,

Bobby Harrington, Point Leader, Discipleship.org