And the Shofar Blew (softcover edition)Many of my readers will be as enthralled in this 2003 release as I was. Rivers' latest book is a study in character and leadership, and how spiritual power can corrupt. A small and dying church decides -- rather than to close its doors to hire a fired-up young man from the Midwest. A strong emphasis on evangelism leads to significant numerical growth. And yet the preacher's considerable success becomes a curse, as in time growth (with the concomitant emphasis on numbers and a controlling leadership style) becomes paramount. The dynamic Christian leader nearly destroys his marriage and family, not to mention the strain and pain inflicted on most of his friendships. He is on a collision course with disaster, even at the end of the book, though there may be hope yet. (I will not give away the ending.)

I found parallels between the story line and my own experience in churches too uncanny not to be riveted! And the Shofar Blew sounds some very powerful warnings against humanistic ambition, and as such I recommend this book as a wholesome tonic against those fleshly tendencies which no human leader is above.