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My next book, one I hope may be my best and most impactful book, is with the publisher and set to release MLK Day, January 18th. It is the culmination of my work in prisons around the country over the past twelve yers and the result of my experience, research, and reflection about what I saw and learned there. I explain a bit of that in the book's foreward:

"There is darkness and light behind that razor wire. There are heroes and monsters behind those walls. There is tragedy and redemption in these hopeless places. I began to witness it, study it, master it, and attempt to change it. Nobody has ever seen the best work of my life except those beautiful and brilliant convicts dressed in all the different colors of the US prison-industrial complex. The two million men locked up in the Land of the Free became my congregation, and those dirty tables became my pulpit. It became my safe place, because they didn’t judge me. I shared things with them that I wouldn’t tell anyone else. The things I needed to talk about aren’t things you can speak about in church. What I needed was catharsis. I could be free and absolutely me behind that wire. They adopted me, and now I’m a made man. They guarded me, protected me, taught me, and redeemed me. I owe them everything, because God used them to help this drunken, fallen preacher find his way home. This misfit band of brothers on the road to redemption became the family — and the unlikely congregation — I so desperately needed."

As I worked with these men, I began to see that a solution to the violence and injustice on the streets outside these walls was standing right in front of me.

Kit talks about his upcoming book, "The New Convict Code," and the amazing hope for the future that he sees behind the razor wire. Check my website for updates on the book's release!

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