We're thrilled to announce our next live stream event, featuring leading evangelical thinker Tim Keller and BioLogos founder Francis Collins, who heads our country’s biomedical research!

On Monday, May 18 at 8 PM ET the two friends will discuss the latest COVID-19 research, how the church is responding to the pandemic, the value of human life and what it means to care for the least of these, and much more. They'll also be taking audience questions.

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Francis Collins is the Director of the National Institutes of Health, and works closely with Dr. Anthony Fauci, a key White House advisor on the national health crisis. He also wrote the bestselling book The Language of God, which led to the creation of BioLogos.

Tim Keller is the founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, and the bestselling author of The Reason for God and The Prodigal God.

In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, BioLogos is committed to bringing you rigorous science and helping you reflect on it through the lens of biblical faith.

Invite your family, friends, students, church, and coworkers to tune in! You can watch the live stream at the BioLogos website, or tune in via FacebookTwitter, or YouTube. A recording of the event will be available soon after the event, and also be available on the Language of God podcast.

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