Some of the classes I attended in the three conferences (17-25 Nov 2015):

The impact of the Christian Faith, Is Jesus the Only Way?, Marriage & Divorce, Homosexuality, Contraception, Family & Sexuality, Sex trafficking, Genesis & Genetics, Biblical Emotion, the Gospel of Thomas, and the Qur'an (although I fled the class after 10 minutes when I realized that Arabic was a prerequisite, as that's not one of my languages).

I saw many eminent thinkers at these conferences, persons of the caliber of Craig Keener, Jürgen Moltmann (Tübingen), Dominic Crossan, Carl Holladay, and Larry Hurtado. I met many students, some just working on their master's degrees, others finishing their doctorates. I managed to speak briefly with Sean McDowell, Darrel Falk, Walter Brueggemann, Michael Kruger, Dave Wood, Angus Menage, Miroslav Volf, and Craig Blomberg. I chatted several times with apologist William Lane Craig (who happens to live just 3 or 4 miles from us). And I enjoyed extended time with apologists Mike Licona and Paul Copan, as well as Denis Lamoureux (since we put him up in our house).

The 2016 SBL conference, like the EPS, will take place in San Antonio, TX.