Most of the feedback on the current series has been extremely positive, though a few persons have been unhappy with what I've written. Some seem to think I've changed my theology -- but what I'm writing reflects my thinking over the last 20 years, shaped by discussion with scores of brothers and sisters in Christ. Rethinking even basic Christian themes and issues is something we need to constantly be doing -- unless we think our group has "arrived" or that there's nothing else to say.

I've selected one example from recent messages. This one comes from a mature Christian, a counselor, and a church leader in another country. (I've condensed the original words.)

"I couldn’t agree more regarding your recent newsletter articles, especially having to do with the issues of 'fall aways' and 'the church.'  I thought your explanations were clear, concise, biblical and right on point.  Our terminology often betrays a lack of understanding or a complete misunderstanding of what the Bible teaches, but also perpetuates and strengthens those errant concepts.  

Our creation of extra-biblical leadership roles and titles at the regional, national and global level -- in my opinion, at least -- is also faulty. A recent re-reading of some church history has reminded me what a human problem this is (not just one church's issue): we seek to secure the church through building structure instead of strengthening relationships. Somehow we think we’ve got to come up with a plan for God’s church, when he already has given us a plan -- one that we should be imitating/obeying. Either we don’t see it or we think we can improve on it.  

Oh well, that’s the struggle I’m having right now.  Trying to effect change in our church culture isn’t easy. Thanks for what you do to challenge our long-held beliefs and practices and kill a few sacred cows along the way. Your voice is strong, so keep speaking, writing and insisting on us getting back and deeper into our Bibles."